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Take a deep breath…it’s time to talk about managing that stress.

Originally posted on The Candid Psychologist:
STRESS. That one word that kind of means a lot of things, and seems to track us down wherever we go to remind us how much we have to do or how difficult things…

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Waterfalls are wondrous things: the deep roar of them, the visual glory of water cascading over rocks and ledges and plummeting at great speed downwards and the hush of all else in their presence. They are life giving and tell … Continue reading

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A Mid Week Getaway

Going away for two days mid-week is a wonderful experience. I had this opportunity and together with my husband we left Sydney for the South Coast. We stayed at the Novotel Hotel in Wollongong (1 hour drive south from Sydney) with … Continue reading

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Malala Yuosafzai

This post is about Malala Yuosafzai, the 14 year old Palestinian Muslim girl, who was shot in the head for her activism. At 13 she won the Youth Peace Prize. At 14 she lay in a coma in Queen Elizabeth … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Inner City Sydney Life

We went into the city for dinner recently. Glebe is a very popular inner city suburb with too many little restaurants and cafes to count. It is a hub for the intellectual, as Sydney University is on it’s doorstep, a … Continue reading

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People I met these past weeks.

I have shared before that I love connecting with people and it’s one of the reasons I blog. I have missed my blogging community these last two weeks due to being called into work full-time, as illness and holidays struck. As … Continue reading

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The Power Of Friendship

This following story was read to me by my son. He was sent it through Facebook. We couldn’t find the source until I searched outside of Facebook. From what I could find out, it apparently originated in a story told by J.W. Schlatter, … Continue reading

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A Sunday Morning-Out of the Mouth of a Fisherman

Today we went for a walk out at Kurnell, an ocean and bay suburb of Sydney and where Captain Cook landed, discovering Australia. It is a gorgeous place but quite confused, almost psychotic. It has million dollar homes next to ramshackle, … Continue reading

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Rumi, the Poet.

In the book called “The Illustrated Rumi” the introduction has the following to say: ” Within the Sufi Tradition the human being is considered the representative of God on earth. If we took this truth to heart and if for perhaps … Continue reading

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The He/She Experience: Massage with Extras

This week my dear friend and I visited a day spa. For each of us, it was the first time ever  to a day spa. We have had massages but never indulged in the ‘total’ experience. Our first ‘shared’ massage was her Christmas present … Continue reading

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