The He/She Experience: Massage with Extras

This week my dear friend and I visited a day spa. For each of us, it was the first time ever  to a day spa. We have had massages but never indulged in the ‘total’ experience. Our first ‘shared’ massage was her Christmas present from me at an inner city Thai massage parlour, which had advertised reduced cost vouchers. The plan was to take her for the massage and then to lunch afterwards.

On the way in to our first shared massage, by which I mean,  we both have a massage at the same time, in different rooms, my friend informed me that she would prefer a female masseuse. No worries, thought I. When we arrived I put this to the receptionist. He informed me that he could only provide one woman  and a “he-she”. Did I mention this was a Thai massage parlour?  I paused, thinking, did he just say ‘he-she’ or did I misunderstand the Thai accent? So, slowly I replied “right…….so my friend can have the woman and I’ll have the….” here I pause and right on cue the Thai receptionist completes my sentence “he-she”. “Righty-oh” says I. My friend just looks on non-plussed.

In we go for our massage, me following my ‘girl-boy’ and my friend following her ‘all girl.’

My massage was relaxing and beautiful and therapeutic. I would never have known my rather beautiful, feminine looking masseuse was a boy, had they not disclosed this. It was quite disconcerting that he could look so feminine but impressive that there was no pretence about what he was, no dissimilitude.

After it was over and my friend and I were sitting together over a cup of coffee she asked how mine had worked. I thought this a strange question….worked??? I said it probably worked much the same as hers. I found it very relaxing and it had been a very good massage. “Yes” she said ” but how did it work, did the girl come in first and then the boy take over later?” I howled with laughter. She looked more confused. “I got two for the price of one… was a boy dressed as a girl. I guess we would call him a transvestite.” She had had no idea.

So we laughed and laughed some more at her confusion and naivete and then I repeated the story in our Pilates class which caused further laughter. I got so much added value out of that massage I cannot begin to tell you….well I am really…telling you all, that is.

So that was our initiation into the world of friends sharing a massage. This was our second time and my friend did the booking this time. It was at a gorgeous day spa, not far from home. We were led into a room to change into our cossies (Australian for swimming costumes) and then into a sauna followed by a spa and then into one room with two tables and a masseuse each. Beautiful music played….that quiet, simple, meditative music…interspersed with sounds of the ocean. Music which holds pure, simple, notes and allows their echoes to be heard…such as chimes echoing gently in the wind, speaking back to each puff of wind.

We both had the most wonderfully, relaxing Swedish massage. We both said we felt like we were floating when they finished. The two girls left the room and left us to take our time to get up. My friend then said quietly “I think maybe I got the price wrong…it all seems too cheap at $150 for both of us. If I’ve made a mistake, I’ll pay the difference”.  A quiet smile played on my lips as I recalled the last post-massage discussion over the he-she masseuse. I assured her that it had all been so wonderful that if she had the cost wrong we would just split the cost as agreed and celebrate the fine time we had. So it was settled. We both emerged and headed for the receptionist and found we only had to pay the $75 each, as she had expected. Amazing value. We then floated off to lunch and enjoyed capping off the day with a healthy smoothie and great food.

God bless my friend for organizing the day and for being such a great sport and a great friend. God bless anyone who is a masseuse as they do wonderful work, relaxing the stressed of this world and they also work at providing beautiful environments which summon us to stay in the moment. During the massage there were a few times I noticed myself leaving the room…I began to think about Christmas approaching and what a wonderful gift this would be…perhaps for one my children and then I started to think about what I’d buy for whom. Then I felt the masseuse working on my tired and stressed back and I came back home to the moment, leaving Christmas planning for another time. But, it does go to demonstrate, how, even in the midst of a wonderful, feel good experience, we can zone out and leave the moment.

Thank you all for reading. I would love to hear from you, especially on the benefits of your past massages.

Relaxing massage-ahhh the memories

Too late for a massage, she didn’t make it in time!!!!

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17 Responses to The He/She Experience: Massage with Extras

  1. Daniela says:

    Sounds divine … I never yet had the opportunity to enjoy a full day spa, but would love to.
    Kind Regards,

  2. I used to have back and neck problems which medications did not help even a bit. I now do massages twice a month and have not had problems for two years.

  3. Katie says:

    Ahhh I’m relaxing just thinking about it.

  4. I ROFL at the confusion your friend experienced. Very amusing 😀 It sounds like you both had a great time though. I’ve never been to a spa but would like to go sometime. 🙂

  5. It’s time to book a massage is my response to this post, Leanne!

  6. I’m so glad you had this time to look after yourself, as it sounds as if you spend a lot of time looking after others.x

  7. Kew58 says:

    Indeed these are wonderful experiences, full of laughs and time to stop, relax and rejuvenate. How lucky am I , to be able to share these wonderful experiences with a true friend who teaches me so many things!

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