Moving with the Times…..

Camera technology enables such beautiful photos and memories

Spring is here, caught by my camera and uploaded immediately

I spent hours working on a digital photo frame my hubby gave me as a random gift. I wanted to honour it by working it out for myself. I also want to keep up with technology so I can be a mother and eventually a granny with punch. My job does not require me to be technologically savvy but I choose it for myself. I have the latest in phone technology and we have the latest in TV technology and I have my own laptop.

I want to move with the changes. I don’t want to be stuck in the past and miss out. I watch some oldies from my parent’s generation embrace mobile phones while others refuse to use mobile phones. I both respect and get it from their perspective. To them it’s just a phone and they don’t feel the need to have one clinging to their hand. And they actually don’t. They get by fine without it. And there is a lot ot be said for etiquette training in the younger generation who often have no awareness of the rudeness of being with someone while texting someone else…even while conversing.

From my perspective, my phone enables me to keep up with my friends and our children as without it, I’d lose a great deal of contact with them. I often use the phone to send messages of love and support. I sometimes text them quotes or humourous exchanges or responses to their questions.

Back to the digital photo frame. I drew the photos for the frame from all my albums, a time consuming task in itself. I then uploaded them to my frame following the instructions. I experienced some initial frustration but took a breath and tried again until I achieved my outcome. I kept trying to remember to be mindful and grateful and to accept that the task may take longer than I planned because it was something brand new to me. The fun then was watching the collection of photos change randomly and sitting with the memories they evoked; my first trip to Europe, family moments, our trip to China, numerous family events, holidays within Australia etc.  All beautiful memories and I was able to sit and enjoy them in the moment. A big thank you for technology. How blessed are we to be able to take a photo and within minutes ( for those more technologically gifted than I who can take longer) have it loaded onto a computer or digital frame. I can also use computer programs to improve on the quality of the picture I take.

The point I make is this, let’s not be afraid of change. Be prepared to let go of the safety of knowing. It’s actually OK not knowing; it’s Ok learning; it’s OK trying to learn something new and not mastering it; it’s Ok asking for help and it is Ok to acknowledge that some things may be past you…..for example, though I once broke the school high jump record, I accept I won’t be jumping that particular ‘hurdle’ ever again….unless it’s  VERY close to the ground! So, let’s stay in the moment and move with the times within reason and be amazed by the joy that can come. Let’s not get caught by what’s familiar and refuse to move. What we know and are familiar with is wonderful and brings joy but unless we can let it go, it’ll be just like watching a black and white movie, we’ll be missing the kaleidoscope of colour life brings. So let’s enjoy the changes each stage of our life offers. Let’s not be defeated by fear, not even willing to try because we believe we will not be able to do it. There are a few things I have tried and failed to master but in trying I did not fail. And usually I learned new things in the process of trying, even though I did not master. When I failed to master I did not regret nor did I become self critical, in fact, I was more determined to try other new things. I think sometimes we don’t try because we have interior critical voices which would only assert messages of how useless we are and so rather than face them we resign ourselves to not trying.

Having said this, I in no way want to suggest that we loose touch with things of the past. The beauty of a fountain pen is an example and as Valerie Davies questions in her book ‘The Sound of Water’ ….”Do my grandchildren know what a fountain pen is, I wonder?” And how sad if this generation never learns of the beauty of the fountain pen. Black and white movies, antiques, roll top desks are examples of wonderful items with age attached. Stain glass windows, like in the photo below, are also a thing of beauty seen mostly in older homes. Beautiful hand writing, almost a thing of the past. What about centuries old architecture and the stories it tells, like the ancient Chinese bridge below. What about the lost art of family games like Scrabble and the like?

Kerosene fridges, however, are a worry and when I visited my parents today, my father excitedly told me he had lit his thousand year old kero fridge (maybe not quite that old but we did use it camping when I was a child) and wanted me to poke my head near it so I could see it lit. I declined in horror imagining the thing blowing me to kingdom come or if not all of me at least my eyebrows and hair…things I’m quite partial to. As I left he called out after me “Are you sure you don’t want a spare fridge with that big family of yours?”…followed by a comment about how much I’d save on electricity.  This was said with a cheeky grin, knowing I was just short of telling him what he could do with his fridge…also in jest! 🙂  So I guess there are things which are best relegated to the past!!!!

I’d love to hear from you all about things you treasure from the past and would be sad to see go from our lives. I’d also love to hear of the new things which have graced your life and made it fuller. Thanks for reading, God bless you all.

Phone photo from recent day in the city of Sydney-Queen Victoria building

A beauty from the past, an ancient Chinese bridge and waterway.

More technology as I played with this photo in Lightroom, changing the colours

My Dad learning how to use chopsticks, not afraid to learn new things…also cool that I could capture it with my Iphone camera. God bless him 🙂

Stunning parrot eating our grevilleas…what a moment

One gorgeous coffee design I was able to capture because of the camera technology built into my phone

This magpie landed on the deck of our old holiday cottage and allowed me to almost handfeed it…and photograph it ….this is her best side!

And finally, a picture taken quickly from my car window…on a gorgeous spring day, as we took a short break from painting the old cottage…ahhh the memories.

Some of the gorgeous views from Port Stephens.

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Hello and welcome. I am mother, step mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. My passions are my spirituality, life and people, reading, meditation and mindfulness, writing/journalling. I also love food, coffee, photography, and travel(near,far and off-road). I also have an interest in health(especially mental health). Welcome to my musings on life's journey.
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8 Responses to Moving with the Times…..

  1. Katie says:

    I miss letters. Getting that handwritten envelope out of the mailbox and rushing to see what news it held. I am in touch more with people now because of all the electronic ways we can communicate now, but letters held magic.

  2. A lovely post Leanne, and very inspiring. I’m just grappling with learning to use a digital camera and get the pics onto the computer. Your photos made me feel I must master this technology, and it’s no big deal if I’m a bit slow getting the hang of it!.

    • Exactly Valerie…I feel we all pressure ourselves in these matters and that’s how we get beaten….if we remove time pressure and just enjoy the process, even if we ask for help as I frequently do…it’s all good and we can stay with it. You and I are blogging and lots of my friends can’t believe I can do it…it just took time….and the occasional swear word:) Love Leanne

  3. I relate to this post on so many levels (it must be the Tasmanian in me!). I’m a fan of ‘old’ things, as well as of new. I believe in social etiquette despite the fact that technology exists (even with ordinary phones, I still don’t get why we should feel compelled to answer them and interrupt our dinners or conversations just because they ring?). And I bought one of those digital photo frames for my family – they aren’t that easy! Anyway, I admire you for moving with the times while still appreciating the old 🙂

    • Hello to you in Tasmania, the most gorgeous place…as I said when I visited you, I have just returned from there and took my parents as well. It was our second time but my parents first….a few years ago we went with our five children, a wonderful family holiday. I just love the place. We live in Sydney but love travelling our own country as well as overseas. Thank you so much for your comments, it’s a challenge finding the balance between new and old and even with using the new with manners. Regards Leanne

  4. dilipnaidu says:

    The pictures and the narration is so beautiful! Thanks & regards.

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