Toyota cannot be trusted so There’s Nothing Like….

I wanted to remind myself that every moment offers incredible beauty if we choose to be present. When problems arise we can be so easily side tracked…well I can anyway.

Recently, we have had a really bad experience with Toyota. A Landcruiser we purchased new had problems from the beginning, randomly not starting and the first time it occurred we were camping at the top of Barrington Tops and stranded until we could get our brand new car started. It was extremely cold at that elevation as we read through the manual trying to work out what to do. The saga has now continued for three years and as we approached the end of our warranty, it became clear the car was a lemon and we could no longer trust it…can you imagine us travelling off road (the reason we chose this car) into the desert or wilderness areas and being stranded….so we initially asked them to extend the warranty as they claimed yet again to have fixed the problem (this is after they kept it for a month, said it was fine and the first time we used, it it still didn’t start and then all the engine lights came on….so the problem had now grown)(this is also after three years of them being unable to diagnose the problem but assuring us they’d fix it). They refused to extend the warranty. So, finding it not fixed and almost no warranty left, they took it again (leaving us again without a car for another 4 weeks) and asked us to trust again that it was fixed. Again, they refused to extend the warranty. Why not? Clearly they were worried it was not fixed and then it would become our problem to pay for. We knew, in conscience, we couldn’t onsell a lemon and pass this problem onto another family, so we asked them to buy it back. They refused and we went to Dept of Fair Trading who did almost nothing to further our cause. However, finally the dealership called yesterday and agreed to buy it back but we had to take a huge financial bath…we figure we are probably out of pocket $15,000 plus we had to buy another car. Now this is all incredibly distressing and angry making! HOWEVER…it’s just a car and with more hard work we will recoup the loss, unfair but we are not losing the roof over our head, which would be truly devastating and which happens all the time through warfare and natural distasters. Of course and I am left challenging myself to let the hurt and disappointment and financial loss go, to accept what has happened and remember the following:

There’s nothing like-

  • the sun glimmering on the dew drops first thing of a morning
  • a baby’s toothless, gummy smile
  • an older woman baring with pride her wisdom getting wrinkles
  • a hero, no matter how they present on the outside
  • a drive or walk through a fog drenched morning (see Mobius Faith blog for pictures), the mist curling around you, encasing you in its silence.
  •    a beach first thing in the morning with no-one around, the crash of waves, the watery glints from sunlight, the sand in your toes, the noise of nature not man
  • your pet’s love and loyalty
  • a spider web’s intricate lace work, speckled with dew drops
  • a baby’s tiny fist shoved in it’s mouth, your mouth or grabbing on to your hair
  • a flower of any colour and feel, shape or size
  • the love of family and friends
  • a river winding its way through bush, carrying the detritus from man and nature and not letting that block its progress forward
  • the sun rising and setting every day, every night, despite mankinds lack of consistency, care and stewardship of the planet
  • the colours of the desert, its great open quiet spaces and private magic
  • a cloudy sky
  • the gentle rain of a sun shower and the lashing pellets of a storm
  • canola fields full of yellow colour
  • beautiful food, and in my case, especially when someone else is cooking
  • fresh country air
  • little old churches
  • a rainbow

So who cares about Toyota and how they treat their customers…even their unpricipled choices cannot block the magnificance life holds and I refuse to allow their poor behaviour to dim one more moment of my life and so it is for all our troubles, even the far more serious ones, the gifts of creation can lift us up out of the pain if we accept and let go of trying to change what is and live in the moment.

I once again thank you all for taking the time to read and may life be a little brighter and more magnificent than yesterday. Leanne

Alluring Venice on a misty day.

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Hello and welcome. I am mother, step mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. My passions are my spirituality, life and people, reading, meditation and mindfulness, writing/journalling. I also love food, coffee, photography, and travel(near,far and off-road). I also have an interest in health(especially mental health). Welcome to my musings on life's journey.
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11 Responses to Toyota cannot be trusted so There’s Nothing Like….

  1. Thinking of you Leanna. Someone near and very dear to me is going through a huge thing like this, and it’s a really hard one, I know.
    And you’re so right that’s not the Reality.

    • Valerie, I feel really sorry for your friend. We all work hard for our earnings and to have it wasted because a company acts without much integrity is really bad, particularly such a company. A car is integral to life, sadly maybe, but it is the reality, especially here with our huge distances. It’s one thing to put out a lemon, I get that, but to make the client pay instead of them owning the situation is just awful. Anyhow, we do need to breathe in and out and let it go and focus on other wonderful things… you Valerie, you’re wonderful person in this world… don’t worry about spelling errors, I don’t even see them and make many myself, so if it happens again don’t fret…I’m happy to answer to Leanna anyway 🙂

  2. Sorry, typo in your name, Leanne, – my typing gets worse with my arthritis!

  3. mobius faith says:

    That the company is not taking ownership of the problem is very distressing. But it is a big corporation an institution. And as an institution it will always put it’s own needs above the needs of the individual or customer when company needs conflict with the individual’s needs. The institution as a non-person will never do the right thing (in this case it should have completely replaced the vehicle – based on the evidence). Institutions have no heart, no compassion, no feeling, that’s what makes YOU so special and unique. You have the ability to transform this situation and experience into something beneficial. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Beautifully worded! It was a bad situation (lemons are lemons) and disappointing that such a high profile car producer whose motto is “Kaizen” (continuous improvement) responded so poorly. Pleased that you have moved on and can find positives in life that are worth celebrating. Acknowledging blessings in so many facets of your life and sharing them with others is very inspiring. Love reading your blog – THANK YOU

    • Thankyou Maria…it’s not good but we do have to remember we could be facing something so much worse…like the families of those local girls who died in that fire, one of them abandoned by the boyfriend who got himself out and then left the scene. Imagine coming to terms with that one. xxxx

  5. dilipnaidu says:

    Toyota was once considered a hallmark for quality and reasonable price. But in its race against GM for becoming No 1 car-maker in the world it violated many of its norms. Their supplier chain struggled to keep pace and defects crept in.

    Feel sorry to read your experience. Yes we’ve got to move on!

  6. Such a lovely post to remind us that during the “life gets in the way” moments, there is beauty and wonder all around us if we only take time to notice. I loved your list!

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