Thoreau, the Pope, Keating and Davies on Silence, Non-Reactiveness and Mindfulness

“The distant shores of silence begin at the door. You cannot fly there like a bird. You must stop, look deeper, still deeper, until nothing deflects the soul from the deepmost deep.”

Shores of Silence, Part 1, Pope John Paul 11

“Let us spend one day as deliberately as nature, and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell and mosquito’s wing that falls on the rails. Let us rise early or fast, or break fast, gently and without perturbation….Let us not be upset and overwhelmed in that terrible rapid and whirlpool ……If the bell rings why should we run?”

Henry David Thoreau

“No matter how much a thought may persecute you, all you have to do is let it go by. By fighting it, you stir up other thoughts.”

Open Heart Open Mind by Thomas Keating

And as example of someone living very much in the now, with great mindfulness:

“It is so still and silent that I hear as each foxglove bell slips from its stem onto the table beneath. I hear the rose petals drop from the roses…and each stray yellow leaf that falls from the puriri tree and lands with a rustle outside the French windows. A thrush is singing. A white butterfly is hovering above the white hydrangeas. Occasionally a lazy wave washes onto the rocks below. If I could live every moment of my life at this level of sweetness and awareness, and did nothing else but sit here in this peace and solitude, it feels a though it would be enough.”  

Valerie Davies From The Sound of Water

In this passage Valerie describes, in the most moving of ways how we are all meant to live life. If we are able to live this present to the beauty around us, to see and sense it all, who would ever want to do more? Of course it’s enough, it’s joy, it’s gratitude, it’s love, it’s awareness….it’s being present to the beauty and love we are given to lift our souls beyond the pain from thoughts we often experience. Valerie is truly living life in this moment, she is not missing one ounce of the beauty by thinking about something that happened yesterday or what she has to do tomorrow, by worrying and fretting, by mentally trying to control what cannot be controlled, she is just being…..there she is totally grounded in that moment. Lucky woman!

So let’s all try and aim for a moment tomorrow when we let our thoughts go, let them float by and not attach to them and instead, register the beauty which will be present at that moment.

Thanks for visiting. I’m really appreciative of your comments and I’m am grateful to you all for your blogs which are so wonderful in so many different ways.

Simple Purple beauty

Sunlight filtering through the wooded gully

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6 Responses to Thoreau, the Pope, Keating and Davies on Silence, Non-Reactiveness and Mindfulness

  1. Dear, sweet Leanne, what a wonderful gift to me, to include me in your list of great souls brooding about mindfulness. The funny thing is, when you asked if you could use a passage from my book, I was almost sure it would be those lines – how connected we are, when we are thinking, moving and feeling in harmony. with love, valerie

    • Dear Valerie, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve read so it’s only common sense to include it. Thankyou for allowing me to use your words as I could never approach a description of mindfulness with such finesse and beauty. Love Leanne

      • More thanks, Leanna – if I could do those yellow circles with smiles, I’d send you some!!

      • Hey Valerie, not for me but so you know…here’s how you do the smiley faces…..On your keyboard find : (the two dot key…what is it called? brain freeze…a colon) then right beside it hit the bracket ) for a smile or ( for a frown. The two together then get shown up as a smiley face 🙂 🙂 :). Hope this helps my friend.

  2. Why is being present so challenging, yet so fulfilling when you can actually be there? Great post!

    • Hi Denise, it’s so challenging because we are trained to live in our heads particularly in the West where we have cut off from our hearts and souls and left spirituality behind in pursuit of success, ambition, possessions ets…not that these things in and of themselves are wrong its just when they become the measure of a man/woman, they become his/her God. So we give ourselves over to this stuff and miss the real beauty which, as you say, is intoxicating when you actually can be mindfully present to it. Its the current moment wherein life exists not in the tomorrows or the yesterdays. Thanks for commenting. Leanne

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