Life’s Little Lessons

A  few months ago I was sick, in a fair degree of pain and stuck at home. I don’t have great health so this was not so unusual.  The fact that I said stuck at home is an indicator of my mood. Then I decided to take another look at the situation. I am blessed to have a lovely home with a beautiful view of a river and bush. So staying at home is not a bad thing. My son borrowed my car so I couldn’t even go out for a coffee and I’ve become a coffee snob, that is,  only good cafe coffee for me……pathetic I know. So, no making myself a cup of coffee at home!!!! Oh woe is me!!! Right. So back to my taking a second look at my situation. I am not homeless and sick, I’m not dying just sick, I’m not dependent on the day’s pay and I have family around me who will do what has to be done by a mother of five, if I bribe them or hold a gun to their head:):):)…just joking, all mother’s will understand this joke. So what was my problem? I guess I was tied to the quiet. Why was that a problem for me as I love meditation? I suddenly realized meditative quiet is great if it’s not thrust on me…I want to choose it rather than it choose me. It showed me a view of myself I hadn’t seen and as I embraced it, I was glad for the insight.

As I do love the quiet and meditative space I very quickly relaxed into it…(after I put the washing on and cleaned where it was needed…sick mothers still have to do the essentials). I learned in this moment, that in future, I want to be able to relax into quiet when it chooses me and find the beauty there. I want to always be accepting of what comes my way and look for meaning in it or just be in that moment and find what it has to offer.

That day’s ‘forced’ rest and quiet moments had many benefits: showed me a new truth; allowed me coffee time with my son later that day, when he returned with the car, which would not normally have occurred because I would have been at work; allowed me to be home so my old dog could also sit inside, rather than out in the cold and rain; allowed me to write these notes; provided my sick body the rest it required; let me experience the blessing of cosiness, which I experienced as I stood at our windows and watched the rugged weather as it pushed up through the valley and pounded up against our home, while I was warmly wrapped up inside, in my soft green rug.

So I guess we can learn to go with the flow and accept what the day and moment bring and not react against the change. We just may even be pleasantly surprised by the gifts.

Also, I want to be the person who is grateful for what she has instead of focusing on the negatives: so in acknowledgement of this here are 10 things I have to be grateful for:

1. My family-hubby and five children and parents and brothers and sisters; for their unconditional love, their personalities, their being in this world, their kindness, their mistakes, their kindredness, their strengths, their weaknesses, their contributions, their forgiveness, their achievements, their acceptance.

2. That water comes out of my tap and I don’t have to walk kilometres to collect it, putting my safety at risk as I do so, like some very young children in Africa do.

3.That I have enough food to eat and it’s fresh and beautiful, unlike my brothers and sisters in many impoverished countries; mothers and fathers who have to gaze into the eyes of their own children and daily watch their emaciation

4.That my mother and father are both still alive and in their eighties, as are my brothers and sister, unlike soooo many people who have buried loved ones and in this I include my own three daughters (step-daughters if you like) and hubby who lost their mother/wife at a very young age from stomach cancer.

5.That my country is not experiencing war in its own territory, so my family members have never known that fear and hatred and loss and destruction on its own doorstep.

6.That I received an education to the tertiary level, as have my children when so many will never know this gift and its advantages.

7.For my country’s beauty- its long expansive beaches with their acres of soft sand, its mild climate, its massive beauty, its desert outback, its lush green national parks, its waterfalls and rivers, its plains, its unique flora and fauna, its blue skies’ its storms, its rainbows, its smell, its aboriginals, its rawness and newness, it’s distances, its sunburnt landscapes, its untouched beauty, its cities and country towns and so much more.

8.For books and their authors and the world they bring to me.

9.For my faith, my God, my spirituality.

10.For a world full of wonderful people.

Thanks for visiting and live well. And any comments are greatly appreciated.

Rainbow time

Another view of my valley

Desert Australia, taken on one of our trips into the Outback

A Tasmanian Beach, from our trip to Tasmania, the southern most state in Australia, a small southern island across the Bass Strait.

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Hello and welcome. I am mother, step mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. My passions are my spirituality, life and people, reading, meditation and mindfulness, writing/journalling. I also love food, coffee, photography, and travel(near,far and off-road). I also have an interest in health(especially mental health). Welcome to my musings on life's journey.
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8 Responses to Life’s Little Lessons

  1. Dear Leanne,
    I LOVE that you are focused this way.
    Love, LIs

  2. I love thoughtful perceptive posts like this… receiving life, and the down -side, and discovering the upside… Your day sounded beautiful. warm wishes

  3. What an awesome post, it’s easy to get caught up in a negativity cycle and can be so life-affirming just to take a step back and truly feel gratitude for all of the wonderful blessings we have. I really enjoyed reading this and your photographs are great – your trips take you to such beautiful locations, thanks for sharing!

  4. What a blessing to see that day through your grateful eyes….

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