Lovely Blog Award

Thankyou to Jackie nominated me for this award. She has Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Disease, and neck and back injuries, and lost her mother to Multiple Sclerosis, yet she remains filled with love and oozes joy…a lesson for us all, so visit her site. Jackie, your nomination is greatly appreciated. The rules require the following:

  1. Thank the person who nominated me….done
  2. Nominate 15 others….see below
  3. Tell 7 things about myself….see below
  4. Display the award….done

7 Things about self:

  • I have just arrived back in Sydney from a 10 hour drive from Melbourne (where we purchased a new car)…see map of Australia above….it’s a long, long way…880kms
  • I am eating strawberries as I write this
  • I am drinking wine as I write this…even though it’s only 4 in the arvo because I am tired from the long drive, shared with hubby and celebrating the new car purchase.
  • Our cat was de-sexed this week, the cat my son introduced to this ‘dog’ household when he found it in a dumpster!!!!! The cat who vomitted on the carpet after the surgery….poor thing I know, but the carpet….really….not the tiles 😦 😦
  • I love driving through the country and will upload some of the car window photos (photos taken at highway speeds out the window) I took as we drove home through miles of country areas.
  • We had breakfast at a beautiful country cafe in Gunning where local girls did all the cooking and local supplies were used. (Or maybe I’ll show some of the cafe)
  • I may leave home because son 2 just purchased a guitar….oh help…..he has never had a lesson and I guess he’ll be self-teaching for a while…..hence me leaving home.

I now nominate these sites for this award. There are so many inspiring and lovely blogs and these are my nominations for now:

  10. h

I-phone camera taking a shot through window of countryside in NSW

Countryside NSW

Merino Cafe In Gunning

More of the Cafe in Gunning

Country Cafe

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Hello and welcome. I am mother, step mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. My passions are my spirituality, life and people, reading, meditation and mindfulness, writing/journalling. I also love food, coffee, photography, and travel(near,far and off-road). I also have an interest in health(especially mental health). Welcome to my musings on life's journey.
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